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1000 Swords - The B Party by Darth-Chaltab
1000 Swords - The B Party
The campaign had a secondary party that we switched between as the plot demanded.

-Ianven of Tra'nyrth, human Wizard
-Ivy the Terrible, pixie Walord
-Xatana Xatarra, Eladrin Mage
-Ceronus, human Barbarian
-Pele, Genasi Swordmage
-Adrian, Tiefling Warlock
Mermaid Research
Mermaids and humans: they just don't get each other very well. Like, what's this air stuff that humans have to breathe? Why can't humans get their oxygen from water like normal people?
Ksenia Veila (RPG Character) by Darth-Chaltab
Ksenia Veila (RPG Character)
One of the players in my D&D game ran a two-shot mini campaign in Fate Accelerated Edition based in Star Wars in the time between the prequels and the original trilogy. We kind of made a mess of the timeline and ended the Civil War several years early. My character, Ksenia "Sin" Veila, was supposed to be some vagely defined ancestor of New Jedi Order member Tahiri Veila. She was Force sensetive but didn't actually believe in the Force and thought she was just that good at things, at least until she learned Lightning from a holocron. She ended the campaign getting Darth Vader drunk on Bespin and stealing his personal TIE Fighter.
Postal Party by Darth-Chaltab
Postal Party
The no-longer-current-configuration of the party in my only D&D game at the moment. The female dwarf and and the lady on the far right have been rotated out, out and the player of the Drow has left the game entirely.

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